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Collaboration in research centres is central to History's research success. They enable historians to increase the scale and scope of their research activity through collaboration, critical review, and scholarly dissemination. Each centre organises a research seminar/workshop series involving internal and external speakers and regular conferences.

Centre for Early Modern Studies

Focuses intellectual exchanges and interdisciplinary activity. Engaged in research on all aspects of the period between c1500 and 1800, expertise spreads from Britain and Europe to the Middle East and North America.

Centre for Imperial and Global History

Brings together the strong research expertise of the University's eminent imperial historians. It comprises of one of the largest groups of imperial and global historians currently working in the UK.

Centre for Maritime Historical Studies

Utilises a wide range of expertise in maritime historical studies and seeks to promote research into various aspects of the British maritime past from the earliest times to the present day.

Centre for Histories of Violence and Conflict

Provides a forum for staff and postgraduates in a number of disciplines linked by their shared interest in the impact of war, civil conflict, and political violence on societies and communities

Centre for Medical History

Advancing methods and areas of research within the history of medicine, and linking with medical and health care professionals in the region.

Centre for Medieval Studies

The Centre provides the focal point for interdisciplinary scholarship and learning in a wide variety of subjects relating to the Middle Ages.

South Asia Research Centre

The Exeter South Asia Centre brings together an interdisciplinary group of researchers and postgraduate students whose work relates wholly or in part to the wider Indian subcontinent and global South Asian communities with their associated diasporas.

Institute of Cornish Studies

Seeks to promote a greater knowledge of historical and contemporary Cornwall. A partnership between the University and Cornwall Council, it combines academic research and teaching with community engagement.