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Our current PhD students

In History at Exeter we're proud of the research carried out by our PhD students. There are currently around 90 PhD students in the Department, many of whom maintain an online personal profile detailing their research activities. Follow the links below to find out more about them and their research projects.

StudentResearch titleLead supervisor
Asma Alshaiban The depiction of women in the historical work of Ibn Wasil Professor Simon Barton
Desmond Atkinson Education, Public Service and Reform: John Morton and the Making of a New Monarchy in Fifteenth-Century England Professor James Clark
Andrew Binding Living at Home: People, Spaces, and the Changing Domestic Environment in the Early Modern South West England. Professor Jane Whittle
Emily Bridger South Africa's Female Comrades: Gender, Identity and Student Resistance to Apartheid in Soweto, 1984-1990 Dr Stacey Hynd
Anna Calori The cancellation of the working class: an analysis of privatisation in the former Yugoslavia from a bottom-up perspective Professor James Mark
Thomas Chadwick Men of 'high emotion'? emotion in Anglo-Norman society of the Eleventh and Twelfth centuries Professor Sarah Hamilton
Hannah Charnock Adolescent sexuality in Britain, c. 1960-1980. Professor Kate Fisher
Philip Child The Heights of Modernity: Affluence, the Labour Party and the Modern Home 1945-1970. Professor Andrew Thorpe
Rachel Chin Anglo-French Relations and Mers El-Kebir: Rhetorical Justification and Imperial Associations. Professor Martin Thomas
Hannah Clark From Melton Mowbray to Middleburg: Trans-Atlantic Dialogues in Fashionable Foxhunting, 1870-1930 Professor Henry French
Rowena Cockett The experience, value, and expression of emotions in thirteenth-century Iberia Professor Simon Barton
Richard Cooke   Professor Jane Whittle
Frederick Cooper A panacea for psychological ill-health? The identification and management of work-life conflict after World War Two Professor Mark Jackson
Jessica Desmond A Hidden World: The Presence of the Medieval Calendar in English Misericord Iconography. Professor James Clark
Imogene Dudley Women's Work Early Modern England, 1500-1700 Professor Jane Whittle
Andrew English The Laird Rams: Warships in Transition Professor Jeremy Black
Rhoda Evans   Professor Martin Thomas
Natasha Feiner Lifestyle, health and disease: changing concepts of balance in modern medicine Professor Mark Jackson
Thomas Fidler Cornwall's Border – Celtic Frontier or Anglicised Territory? Dr Garry Tregidga
Lorena Fierro Diaz A Comparative Study of Queenship and Aristocratic Women’s Networks of Power in Twelfth-Century Iberia Professor Simon Barton
Tomas Foster Generational Defiance to the Kemalist Establishment from the Left, Marxist Youths in Turkey between 1960 and 1980 Professor James Mark
Paul Freer Assess the contribution made by the development of target marking techniques to the prosecution of the bomber offensive during WW2. Professor Richard Overy
Helen Frost The Representation of the Strategic Bombing Campaign against Germany in the Allied (both national and international) Media and the Interpretation and Reception of that Representation by the General Public, 1939-1945. Professor Richard Overy
Tank Green From British Subject to Colonial Immigrant: A Study of Transposed Identities, 1939 to 1981 Professor Andrew Thompson
Austen Hamilton Speculative House Builders as Entrepreneurs in Georgian London Professor Henry French
Frankie Harding The British Black Power Movement 1967-1974, an Oral and Documented History. Professor Andrew Thorpe
Marion Hardy People on the move in Devon, c.1572/1598 to c.1800 Professor Jane Whittle
Richard Harris Civil Society in Cornwall. Dr Garry Tregidga
Matthew Heaslip The impact of financial cutbacks and restrictions upon the ability of the Royal Navy to realign itself, during the 1920's, to meet the challenges of the early Interwar period. Dr Tehyun Ma
Richard Hill The development and use of aircraft and armoured vehicles during the First World War Professor Richard Toye
Max Hodgson    
Benjamin Holmes The efforts of British charities to relieve German civilians, from the start of the war in 1914, to post-war releif work carried on into the mid-1920s. Dr Catriona Pennell
Derek Janes The business of smuggling in SE Scotland c.1740-1796. Professor Henry French
Reiko Kanazawa   Professor Mark Jackson
Nicos Kefalas Superfoods, supplements and masculinity 1950s-present Professor Mark Jackson
Ryan Kemp    
Rhian Keyse Forced and Early Marriage in British Colonial Africa, 1925-62. Dr Stacey Hynd
Betsy Lewisholmes Health, Fitness and Exercise for Girls in late Victorian England Dr Sarah Toulalan
Dianne Elizabeth Long Designed Landscapes of Industrialists 1700 – c.1820 Professor Henry French
Jasmine Losasso    
Stephen Lynam Centre-Right Politics in the Spanish Province of Valencia 1931-1936. Dr Tim Rees
Simon Magus Esoteric Thought in the Life and Work of H. Rider Haggard. Dr Paul Young
Charmian Mansell English Maidservants in The Early Modern Community, 1550-1650 Professor Jane Whittle
Henry Marsh The examination of the representation and narration of ritual and ceremony within several chronicles of the late fourteenth and early fifteenth century Professor James Clark
Clare Maudling Utopian Dreams or Peacetime Pragmatism? The successes and constraints of post-war reconstruction in the South West Professor Richard Overy
Lilian McNaught The 1816 Barbados Slave Revolt Dr Kristofer Allerfeldt
Stuart Mole The Commonwealth & Apartheid Professor Andrew Thompson
Angela Muir Unwanted pregnancies in Early Modern England and Wales: Illegitimacy, courtship, infanticide and contraception. Dr Sarah Toulalan
Robert Nantes Bankruptcy in eighteenth century England: A social account. Professor Henry French
Elizabeth Neale    
Amanda Phipps The use of Theatre in Teaching the First World War Dr Catriona Pennell
Lyndy (Carolyn) Pooley The role of youth voluntary action in 1960s Britain: assumptions of community in a restless decade Professor Mark Jackson
Elizabeth Raikes Battleground to Playground: The British in Corsica 1794-1939. Professor Andrew Thompson
Joshua Rhodes Subtenancy in early modern England Professor Henry French
Amy Ridgway Wage labour and poverty on a Dorset estate, c.1680-1834 Professor Jane Whittle
Geoffrey Skinner The Relationship Divided. Identity, Personality and Realism in the development of Anglo-American Nuclear Strategy, 1947 to 1958 Professor Richard Toye
Guy Solomon The Living Standards of Tyneside Miners during the British Industrial Revolution Professor Mark Overton
Catherine Talbot Trans-Atlantic Consumerism in the 18th Century: A comparative Study of the Material Culture of Ordinary People in Britain and her American Colonies. Professor Jane Whittle
Joanna Thomas Britain’s seafaring men and women: an analysis of the maritime labour force 1850 – 1911 Professor Maria Fusaro
Teresa Tinsley Hernando de Baeza. Professor Simon Barton
Balint Tolmar The “Adria”-Project: East-South Relations and the European Socialist Countries' Quest for Energy Security in the Post-Oil Shock Era Professor James Mark
James Villalard Dgieu Sauve Le Roé, Nouot' Duc!”: A Re-assessment of the strategic position and tactical role of the Channel Islands during the Great French War (1792-1815). Professor Jeremy Black
Michelle Webb 'As fowle a ladie as the smale pox could make her': facial disfigurement in sixteenth and seventeenth century England Dr Sarah Toulalan
Paul Williams The Trading Community of Exeter 1470-1570 Professor Jane Whittle
Teresa Witcombe The intellectual life of Mauricius Hispanus (1209-1238) Professor Simon Barton
Fahriye Yildizeli 'W.E.Gladstone and British Policy towards the Ottoman Empire' Professor Richard Toye