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History at Exeter has a global reputation for excellence in teaching and research, and we feel that understanding our past is fundamental to comprehending the contemporary challenges we face. We are proud to be one of the leading research centres for History in the UK, with a diverse academic faculty of over 65 staff across both our Streatham Campus in Exeter, and our Penryn Campus in Cornwall.

In our Department, our students and friendly, approachable staff work together, driven by curiosity and inspired by a shared passion for History. Our mission is to research and educate ourselves and others about the past and its present legacies. We aim to develop and pass on the highest standards of rigour and excellence that characterise our discipline at its best.

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Research uncovers how the Valentine’s Day Telegram provided ‘love on delivery’ to revitalise the holiday tradition

PhD student Megan Furr made a remarkable find while conducting research on the telegraph system - how the Valentine's Telegram helped to save the telegram and the St Valentine's tradition.

Medieval doctors thought fertility suddenly ended rather than slowly declining with age, study shows

Medieval doctors saw fertility as having a cut-off point rather than slowly declining with age, ancient medical texts show

Historian captures Queen Elizabeth II’s Exeter legacy in new book

The late Queen Elizabeth II's 11 visits to the city of Exeter are captured in a new book by Devon historian Dr Todd Gray MBE.

Alumni from Britain’s top girls’ public schools 20 times more likely to reach elite positions

Unique 120-year historical analysis of Who’s Who reveals that private girls’ schools have a propulsive effect on the trajectories of women to elite positions - but not the extent that leading private boys' schools do so with men.

UK obesity campaign risked turning fat-shaming into ‘wilful political strategy’

The government's Tackling Obesity campaign labelled “unproductive”, “ineffective” and “irresponsible”

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