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The Body in Early Modern England: Context (HIH3133)

30 credits

This module will provide a detailed analysis of the history of the body in early modern England. The co-requisite module – HIH3132 The Body in Early Modern England: Sources – will complement this one with detailed analysis of historical sources available for the subject. Seminars will focus on exploring key issues and questions in the study of the body and its historiography. Topics covered will include: anatomy; sex and gender; sex and sexuality; medicine and midwifery; life-stages from conception to old age; illness and disease; death and dissection; regulating the body (including morality, size, behaviour); deformed, disabled, foreign and monstrous bodies.

If you have not previously studied the period you will be expected to do some general reading to familiarise yourself with the early modern world.

You will require at least 90 credits of History at level 1 and/or level 2 to complete this module.