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Professor Fabrizio Nevola's collaboration with digital partners in the creation of a mobile phone app

Hidden Florence is a collaboration with industry-leaders in GPS-triggered city audio tours Calvium Ltd, to create an idiosyncratic guide to Renaissance Florence in the form of a mobile phone App, published in August 2014. The app and website were written by Fabrizio Nevola and David Rosenthal in conjunction with Calvium Ltd.

The Hidden Florence free smartphone app takes you on a unique tour of the Renaissance city through the eyes of a “contemporary” guide, a 1490s wool worker called Giovanni. Following in Giovanni’s footsteps allows the visitor to engage imaginatively with Renaissance Florence as a lived experience, while going to places that most tourist guides tend to neglect.

With the app, you can navigate the streets of Florence in a novel way, using both a modern and a superbly detailed period map to hunt for statues, shrines, piazzas and palaces. As you do this, Giovanni tells you vivid tales about his neighbourhood and the city centre. He also airs his views on everything from city politics to the taverns he plays dice in, and on everyone from Lorenzo de’ Medici to the apothecary on the street corner.

You can also enjoy Hidden Florence without a smartphone and without being in Florence - find out more on the project website.