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Postgraduate students

Postgraduate students

Many research students are attached to the Centre for Imperial and Global History. Below is a list of all our associated students, their supervisors and their projects. You can also read case studies from some of our current students to find out more about their research and why they chose to come to Exeter.

Current postgraduate students

Student nameSupervisorsThesis title
Beth Rebisz Stacey Hynd/Heike Schmidt Reading - women and humanitarian interventions in the Mau Mau Emergency, Kenya, 1952-59.
Charlotte Kelsted Stacey Hynd, Ilan Pappe, Christopher Prior (Southampton) British women and intimate colonialisms in mandate Palestine
Diana Valencia Duarte Stacey Hynd, Silvia Espelt Bombin Food in/security and environmental history in Colombia c.1960-90
Marlen von Reith Stacey Hynd, Agnieszka Jachec-Neale British and German discourses on child soldiering
Polly Winfield Stacey Hynd/Peter Manning (Bath) Museum engagement and transitional justice in South Africa
Robin Fiore Samantha Hurn/Stacey Hynd (Anthrozoology) on human-wildlife conflict in Kenya
Issy Sawkins James Mark/Clarke David (Reading) Martyrs and Memory: The Politics of Memorialising Anti-Communist Spiritual ‘Resistance’ in Romania
Iona Ramsay Andrew Thompson The Commonwealth and Apartheid
Jack Reeves Emily Bridger, Nadia Naser-Jajjab, Stacey Hynd The Freedom Bus: A Palestinian Activist Narrative of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
Deema Alhodaif   The Status of Bahrain between 1880-1907 and its Relationships with the British Empire: A Protectorate or Not?
Christopher Freeman   Beaming the British Empire: The Imperial Wireless Chain, c1900-40.
Yuwei Hasegawa Richard Toye/Hao Gao A political and intellectual biography of Leopold Amery
Maria-Teresa Marangoni Dora Vargha Global Health Discourse and Local Health Governance: A Complex Interplay
Sonia Wigh Nandini Chatterjee/Sarah Toulalan The Body of Words: A Social History of Sex and the Body in Early Modern South Asia
Prashant Nandini Chatterjee/Jonathan Barry Legalising and Enforcing the Socio-Religious Norms: The State, Caste and Women in the Maratha Empire, 1674-1818
Daniel Phillips Gajendra Singh/Nandini Chatterjee ‘The Proximity of Purpose in Colonial Zoological Gardens: An Entangled History of Empire and the Establishment of the Calcutta Zoological Gardens, 1867-1908'

Completed PhDs

Student nameSupervisorsThesis title
Emily Bridger Stacey Hynd Militant Mothers, Destructive Daughters: Female Violence in South Africa's Anti-Apartheid Struggle, 1980–1994
Rachel Chin Martin Thomas Anglo-French Relations and Mers El-Kebir: Rhetorical Justification and Imperial Associations
Tank Green Andrew Thompson From British Subject to Colonial Immigrant: A Study of Transposed Identities, 1939 to 1981
Benjamin Holmes Catriona Pennell and Emily Baughan (Bristol) The efforts of British charities to relieve German civilians, c.1914-1920s
Meg Kanazawa Mark Jackson/Rebecca Williams  AIDS, India and Global Health: the Politics of Health Policy-Making  
Rhian Keyse Stacey Hynd Violent Women and the Justice System in Colonial Kenya c1939–58
Simon Mackley Richard Toye Liberal Language, Imperial Cause: Rhetoric, Empire and the Liberal Tradition in British Politics
Stuart Mole Andrew Thompson The Commonwealth and Apartheid
Lori Oates Reginia Gagnier/Richard Noakes Secrecy Redefined: Print Culture and the Globalization of the Occult in the Long Nineteenth Century
Idir Oauhes Martin Thomas/Robert Fletcher History of the French Mandate in Syria, Specifically Regarding State Building

Dr. Temi Alanamu, Leverhulme Early Career Fellow, Centre for the History of Colonialisms, University of Kent

Dr. Gareth Curless, ESRC Future Research Leader & Lecturer in History, University of Exeter

Dr. Laure Humbert, Lecturer in Modern History, University of Manchester

Dr. Elizabeth Laruni, NORHED Postdoctoral Fellow, Makerere Institute of Social Research, Uganda