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Centre staff

Centre Director
Professor Stacey Hynd Professor of African and Global History (Co-Director)
Dr Gajendra Singh Senior Lecturer (Co-Director)
Centre Staff
Professor Emily Bridger Associate Professor
Professor Nandini Chatterjee Professor of South Asian History
Dr Gemma Clark Senior Lecturer in British/Irish History
Dr Gareth Curless ESRC Future Research Leader & Senior Lecturer in History
Dr James Davey Lecturer in Naval and Maritime History
Dr Silvia Espelt Bombin Lecturer in History of the Americas pre 1860
Dr Alex Fairfax-Cholmeley Senior Lecturer in European History
Dr Hao Gao Senior Lecturer in Imperial and Global History
Dr Ryan Hanley Lecturer (E&R)
Professor James Mark Professor
Dr Marc-William Palen Senior Lecturer
Professor Catriona Pennell Professor of Modern History and Memory Studies
Dr Ljubica Spaskovska Lecturer in European History
Professor David Thackeray Associate Professor
Professor Martin Thomas Professor
Professor Richard Toye Professor
Professor Dora Vargha Professor of History and Medical Humanities