Podcasts and other media

The Centre has begun a new initiative to record its events, and to make these publically available, creating an online visual and sound archive of the Centre's activities, and those of its members.  New podcasts will be posted regularly.

Solidarity in Trade

'Solidarity in Trade’ is part of the podcast series ‘What is wrong with maritime trade?’ organised by Julia Hörnig of the University of Rotterdam, in this episode Maria Fusaro and Mariya Serafimova discuss the possibility of sustainable collaborations, and what we can learn from the past of maritime trade in this area.


Our oceans: A deep dive

In this lecture, part of the University of Bath Institute for Policy Research series Our oceans: A deep dive Maria Fusaro Director of the Centre for Maritime Historical Studies, discusses the state of the art regarding world oceans and contemporary challenges through a historical lens. This lecture took place on 21 April 2022

CMHS Seminar Series: Dr Erin Spinney 21/10/2020

CMHS Seminar Series: Dr Anna Brinkman 11/11/2020 

Maria Fusaro - Images of Piracy

Centre Director Professor Maria Fusaro comments on the panel 'Images of Piracy', at the conference Corsairs and Pirates in the Eastern Mediterranean, 15th-19th Centuries (Sylvia Ioannou Foundation, Athens, 19 October 2014).
All of the papers from the conference are available to view here.

Sam McLean - Navies and Revolutions: Defining the Royal Navy, Creation and Development, 1660-1749

Sam McLean, of King's College London, speaks about the institutional development of the Royal Navy during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, from a seminar on 'Navies and Revolutions' held at the University of Exeter on 27 November 2013.

Alan James - Navies and Revolutions: The Fronde in France during the 1640s

Dr Alan James, of King's College London, speaks about the Fronde revolution in mid-seventeenth century France, from a seminar on 'Navies and Revolutions' held at the University of Exeter on 27 November 2013.

Maria Fusaro - Sailing into Modernity

Centre Director Professor Maria Fusaro, project leader on 'Sailing into Modernity', presents an introduction to the conference held as part of the project at the University of Exeter in September 2013.