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Gijs Dreijer’s in the Economic and History Society blog (2021).

Gijs Dreijer's in the Maritiem Portal.



General Average - Transaction Costs and Risk Management during the First Globalization

A video on the project prepared for the European Humanities Conference (May 5th to 7th, 2021)


Communities of Risk: Dealing with the Unpredictable in the Age of Sail (Exeter 3MT Winner 2021)

Jake Dyble's winning 3 minute You Tube video:

And the explainer video:



Marta García Garralón is interviewed by Spanish National Radio on the importance of jettison and General Average in the Carrera de Indias:


Dr. Gijs Dreijer is interviewd by VRT and talks about the 'Ever Given' and the effect of age old maritime law. (original in flemish) (translated into English)



For the podcast series 'What is wrong with maritime trade?' Maria Fusaro discusses the importance of the mutual element underpinning GA in the context of ‘Solidarity in Trade?’, available at


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