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Other Conferences and Events involving AveTransRisk Team Members

  • At the conference organised by the College des Bernardines and the Chaire Théorie de l’Entreprise – MINES Paris on Réconcilier justice sociale et action climatique: Peut-on penser le péril commun? Maria Fusaro gave a paper on Maritime Risk Management: the Role of Averages in the Past and in the Future: The AveTransRisk Project (19 May 2022). More information.

  • XIX World Economic History Congress (Paris, 25-30 July 2021). We presented a double session on: Risk Management, Mutual Protection and Transaction Costs in Maritime Trade (16th-18th Centuries). See:
    Postponed to 2022 due to Covid-19

  • International Maritime History Association 8th International Congress of Maritime History  (Porto, 30 June - 3 July 2021). We presented two sessions:
    • General Average and the governance of maritime conflict in northern Europe (16th-18th centuries)
    • General Average and jettison in Southern Europe (16th-18th centuries)
    • See:
    Postponed to 2021 due to Covid-19

  • Lewis Wade discussed Moral Hazard, Reputation and the Colbertian State in the Parisian Insurance Market at the International Conference
    Donner at tenir sa parole/Giving and Keeping One’s Word. Engagements et réputations dans les sociétés françaises et européennes à l'époque moderne (XVIe -XVIIIe siècles, colonies incluses) Commitments and reputations in French and European societies in the Early Modern Times (16th-18th centuries, including the colonies) in Rennes (France), 25-26 novembre 2021‌
    Provisional programme

  • At the AISPE/SISE Internatione Conference Istituzioni e mutamenti economici e sociali: Italia ed Europa nel contest internazionale in una prospettiva storica (4-6 November 2021), project member Luisa Piccinno organised a session on Varieties of Risk Management in Maritime Global Trade (16th-18th Centuries). Four project members presented:

    Maria Fusaro, The Resilience of an Equitable Solution: the Role of Averages;
    Marta García Garralón, Risk Reduction and Maritime Transport in the Indies Trade (XVI-XVII Centuries);
    Luisa Piccinno, Intersection between General Average and Insurance Rules and Procedures in Early Modern Genoa;
    Jake Dyble, Divide and Rule: Risk Sharing, Property Rights, and Political Economy in Seventeenth Century Livorno
    More information
  • Economic History Society Annual Conference (Warwick/Online, 6-9 April 2021). PhD student Gijs Dreijer presented a paper on GA and risk management in one of the New Researcher Sessions. See

  • European Social Sciences History Conference 2021 (Leiden, March 2021) we presented a panel on: Representing Risk in Seventeenth-Century Europe: Maritime Averages, GIS and the Digital Humanities
    Postponed to March 2021 due to Covid-19

  • At the conference on Reti marittime, traffici commerciali e flussi turistici nel Mediterraneo tra età moderna e contemporanea (Catanzaro, 12-13 November 2020), Luisa Piccinno and Andrea Zanini will present a paper on “Reti e strategie dei mercanti stranieri operanti a Genova in età moderna’.

  • 2020 Vlootschouw
    On the 18th of January 2020, the Dutch Maritime Museum hosts the so-called Vlootschouw (“Fleet inspection”) of the maritime history of the Low Countries, offering a wide range of presentations on all aspects of maritime history. AveTransRisk members Sabine Go and Gijs Dreijer presented a short pitch on the (comparative) history of General Average in Antwerp and Amsterdam in the early modern period, offering the wider public a glimpse of the preliminary results of the project. Sabine Go also presented a poster of her project on insurance premiums. The full program (in Dutch) can be consulted here.

  • Risk and the Insurance Business in History, Seville 11-14 June 2019, see the Sevilla Final Programme.

  • Central Governments and the Resolution of Maritime Confl­icts, 1200–1600 – Lisbon (Portugal) November 2018: CGMC 2018

  • European Business History Association 22nd Annual Congress – Ancona (Italy) in September 2018: Ancona conference

  • 43rd Annual Economic and Business History Society Conference  - Jyväskylä (Finland) conference in May 2018: Jyvaskyla conference

  • “Risk, Honor & Innovation: Imagining New Markets”, 3rd Biennial Richard Robinson Workshop on Business History, Portland State University, Portland, May 24-26, 2018. Programme information

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