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Centre Staff

Centre Director
Professor Kate Fisher Professor
Professor Jana Funke Associate Professor of English and Sexuality Studies
Centre Staff
Dr Timothy Cooper Senior Lecturer (History, Cornwall Campus)
Professor Luna Dolezal Associate Professor in Philosophy and Medical Humanities
Professor Mark Jackson Professor
Professor David Houston Jones Professor of French and Visual Culture
Professor Rebecca Langlands Head of Department (Classics)
Dr David Leith Senior Lecturer (Classics & Ancient History)
Dr John Lidwell-Durnin Lecturer
Dr Staffan Müller-Wille Senior Lecturer (Sociology, Philosophy and Anthropology)
Dr Martin Moore Associate Research Fellow in Medical History (Lecturer in Medical History)
Professor Angelique Richardson Professor (English)
Professor Catherine Rider Associate Professor in Medieval History (History)
Dr Chris Sandal-Wilson Lecturer in Medical History
Dr Felicity Thomas Associate Professor (Medical Humanities)
Professor Sarah Toulalan Associate Professor (History)
Professor Dora Vargha Professor of History and Medical Humanities
Dr Rebecca Williams Senior Lecturer in Medical History, post 1750
Dr Alun Withey Senior Lecturer (Medical History)
Affiliated Staff
Mr Frederick Cooper Postdoctoral Research Associate
Dr João Florêncio Senior Lecturer in History of Modern and Contemporary Art and Visual Culture
Dr Sarah Jones Research Fellow