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MA/MPhil/PhD Study in Medical History

Research topics

Centre staff are willing to provide supervision for an MA in Medical History, MA in Cultures and Environments of Health and MPhil/PhD in Medical History in many areas of research. These include:

  • Childhood
  • Mental Health
  • Family Planning and Population Control
  • Pandemics
  • Shame and Medicine
  • Forensic Science
  • Medical Archives
  • Ancient Medicine
  • Food security
  • Racial science and eugenics
  • Medicine and the public
  • History of the NHS
  • Medical training and professionalism
  • Magic
  • Medicine, religion and society
  • History of psychiatry, including in colonial contexts
  • Medicalisation and pharmaceuticalisation
  • Cultural contexts of health and wellbeing
  • Migration, displacement and health
  • Sexual health and wellbeing
  • Disability history
  • Health and internationalism
  • Medicine and technology
  • Medical advertising and consumption
  • Remedies and remedy culture

More detailed information about the areas of research supervision offered in medical history is available to view from individual staff profile pages.

Programme specification

The programme page for the MPhil/PhD in Medical History gives full details of the programme requirements, and learning and assessment methods, etc.

You can also visit the programme pages for MA in Medical History and MA in Cultures and Environments of Health.