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The Postgraduate Journal of Medical Humanities, 6 (2020)

I. ‌Editorial 2020

II. articles:

1) ‘Let my pain shape itself into worlds’: Navigating the Geographies of Illness in Contemporary Autopathography (Katharine Cheston, Durham University) pp. 4-22

2) The Object of Your Abortion: An Autoethnographic Approach to Exploring the Importance of Reflective Practice in Abortive Care (Anhya Griffiths) pp. 23-36

3) Fictional and Delusional Worlds in Charlotte Perkins-Gilman’s 'The Yellow Wallpaper (Kate Taylor) pp. 37-57

4) The Medicalisation of Menopause in Early Modern English Medical and Popular Literature (Anna Graham, Queens University Belfast) pp. 58-79

5) Victim or Advocate? Conceptualising Biocitizenship in Recipients of Medical Humanitarian Intervention During South Africa’s HIV/AIDS Epidemic (Jasmine Virk, University of Bristol) pp. 80-110

III. book reviews:

1) Kia Jane Richmond, Mental Illness in Young Adult Literature Exploring Real Struggles through Fictional Characters (Emma Salt-Raper, University of Leeds) pp. 111-114