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Past Journals

Find an archival list of previous journals for the Postgraduate Journal of Medical Humanities below:

Issue 7 – Absence, Presence & (In)Visibility in the Medical Humanities

1) The Metastasis of Hysteria: Librium Prescription and (Mis)Use in Literature (Iris Gioti, University of Exeter)
2) 'Soaking in Each Other': (In)Visible Constellations and the Power of Sight in Lucy Beech's Reproductive Exile (Holly Isard, University of West London)
3) 'All Around, Though Often Invisible': Using Cold Feet: Series Nine in the Spiritual Care of Cancer Survivors (Ewan Bowlby, University of St Andrews)
4) 'Be My Philosophy, Be My Science': Reflections on Chronic Pain in Alphonse Daudet's In the Land of Pain (Leonard Farrugia, University of Glasgow)
5) Codes, Clinics and Culture: The Multi-Faceted Medicalization of Homosexuality in India 1970-1990 (Rianna Price, Lancaster University)
6) Christina Rossetti: Feasts of Burden from 'The Dead City' to 'Goblin Market' (Jessica Mehta, University of Exeter)
7) 'It's Not Safe in This House:' Supernatural Disguises and Intimate Partner Violence in The Boy and The Invisible Man (Hayley Smith, Canterbury Christ Church University)

I. ‌Editorial 2020

II. articles:

1) ‘Let my pain shape itself into worlds’: Navigating the Geographies of Illness in Contemporary Autopathography (Katharine Cheston, Durham University) pp. 4-22

2) The Object of Your Abortion: An Autoethnographic Approach to Exploring the Importance of Reflective Practice in Abortive Care (Anhya Griffiths) pp. 23-36

3) Fictional and Delusional Worlds in Charlotte Perkins-Gilman’s 'The Yellow Wallpaper (Kate Taylor) pp. 37-57

4) The Medicalisation of Menopause in Early Modern English Medical and Popular Literature (Anna Graham, Queens University Belfast) pp. 58-79

5) Victim or Advocate? Conceptualising Biocitizenship in Recipients of Medical Humanitarian Intervention During South Africa’s HIV/AIDS Epidemic (Jasmine Virk, University of Bristol) pp. 80-110

III. book reviews:

1) Kia Jane Richmond, Mental Illness in Young Adult Literature Exploring Real Struggles through Fictional Characters (Emma Salt-Raper, University of Leeds) pp. 111-114

I. Editorial 2018

II. articles:

1) What Science Has Done to Me Sir Ronald Ross's Memoirs: with a full account of the great malaria problem and its solution (1923) Charlotte Orr (University of Glasgow)

2) Dark Tourists at Bedlam: The Politics of Looking at Eighteenth-Century Suffering Anna Jamieson (Birkbeck University of London)

III. book reviews

1) Patrick Anderson, Autobiography of a Disease (New York; London: Routledge 2017) Christina Lee (King’s College London) Review of Autobiography of a Disease

2) Allan D. Peterkin and Anna Skorzewska eds., Health Humanities in Postgraduate Medical Education: A Handbook to the Heart of Medicine (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2018) Louise Benson James (University of Bristol) Review of Health Humanities in Postgraduate Medical Education

3) M.I. Porras Gallo, MJ Báguena Cervellera, M. Ayarzagüena Sanz, N.M. Martín Espinosa (eds.), La erradicación y el control de las enfermedades infecciosas. (Madrid, Catarata, 2016) Josep L. Barona (Universitat de València, Spain) Review of La erradicación y el control de las enfermedades infecciosas

I. Editorial Note 2017

II. articles:

1) Taking for a Walk A Dog with a tail at both ends (Andrew Williams)

Additional documents‌‌

A Dog with a Tail at both ends the Play

2) What is an embryo? A Lexical Study of Hippocrates' and Galen's Theories of its Creation and Development (Tamara Martí Cassado and Maria Savva) What is an embryo?

3) Chinese Medical Students in Japan and the Transformation of Medical Science in Modern China: a Study Focusing on Six Japanese Imperial Universities (Hu Xueying) Chinese Medical Students in Japan

4)“Worthy of the Best Traditions of English Women”: Medical Missionary Work on the Home Front in the First World War (Sarah Jane Bodell) Worthy of the Best Traditions of English Women

5) Death and the Parish: Mortality in Eighteenth-Century Wales (Angela Muir) ‌Death and the Parish

III. book reviews

1) Sarah O' Dell: Mysterious Medicine: The Doctor-Scientist Tales of Hawthorne and Poe (L. Kerr Dunn) Mysterious Medicine Book Review

2) Nicola Sugden: Tea with Winnicott (Brett Kahr)‌ Tea With Winnicott Book Review

Sarah Jones and Hannah Charnock, Editorial Note, p. 1

Rachel Hewitt, (Glasgow Caledonian University), ‘Linfield Training Centre, Work Colonies and the Development of Specialist Care for People with Epilepsy 1890-1902’, pp. 2-23.

Simon Harold Walker, (University of Strathclyde), ‘Saving Bodies and Souls: Army Chaplains and Medical Care in the First World War’, pp. 24-38.

Hélène Castelli, (Université Paris), ‘What does Hippocrates mean ? The Historiographical Construction of the Greek physician as the ‘Father of Medicine’’, pp. 39-51.

Melpomeni Kostidi, (University of Thessaly), ‘The Medical Discourse on Greek Spas  from the Mid-Nineteenth Century to the Early Twentieth Century’, pp. 52-70.

Sarah Jones and Hannah Charnock, Editorial Note, p. 1.

Laura McKenzie (Durham University) 'Great War, White Goddess: Mythopoetics of Shell Shock in Robert Graves’s The Anger of Achilles', pp. 2-20.

Boglarka Kiss (University of Exeter), ‘Medical Intervention, Normalisation and Power in Sylvia Plath’s and Anne Sexton’s Poetry’, pp. 21-41.

Ellena Deeley (University of Exeter), ‘The Development of the Subject: Conjoined Twins and Development Discourse in the National Geographic Channel’s The Girl with Eight Limbs’, pp. 42-60.

Tobias Haeusermann (University of Cambridge), ‘Caring Communities’, pp. 61-83.

Beverly Smith (West Virginia University), ‘M*A*S*H and its Metaphors’, pp. 84-98.

Ekaterina Prosandeeva (University of Eastern Finland), ‘Book review: The Shock of the Fall by Nathan Filer’, pp. 99-100.

Natasha Feiner (University of Exeter), ‘Book Review: Health and Girlhood in Britain, 1874-1920 by Hilary Marland’, pp. 101-102.

PJMH Board of Editors

PJMH Editorial Notes Volume 1 2014

Rebecca Taylor (University of Warwick) - Rebecca Taylor The Use of Prediction in Meteorology and Medicine. 3 - 23.

Susannah Deane (Cardiff University) - Madness in a Tibetan context: A comparison of Tibetan textual and lay perceptions of ‘smyo nad’ (madness) among Tibetans living in North India. 24 -49.

Emily Doucet (University of Toronto) - Pathological Skin: Dr Albert Leblond and Arthur Lucas’ Du tatouage chez les prostituées (1899). 50 - 67.

David Bryan (Birkbeck College, University of London) - Review Gabriel Pretus, Humanitarian Relief in the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939), Lewiston, The Edwin Mellen Press, 2013; 424 pp.; ISBN 9780773445291. 68 - 70.