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Centre PhD students

Student nameThesis title
Aliya Abdukadir Ali PhD at IAIS
Ranyh Alatawi Al-Waqidi and the Early Islamic Conquests
Asma Alshaiban

Chroniclers of the Ayyubid Dynasty

Henry Anderson

Theodosius II and East Roman Foreign Policy: A Study on the Nature of Imperial Rule in the Fifth Century

Des Atkinson

Ecclesia reformata? John Morton's Contemporaries and the Re-making of the English Church

Coline Blaizeau

The Metafictive Marvellous in the Roman de Perceforest

Wendy Clarke

Pilton and Barnstaple Priories: The Landscape Context, Life Course and Social Interactions of Two Small Dependencies

Rowena Cockett

The Perception and Management of Extreme Emotions in Thirteenth-Century Iberia

Richard Cooke

A Critical Evaluation of the Evidence for Accelerated Economic Development in Devon during the 'Long Fifteenth Century

Jack Cranfield

Medieval Iron Industry of the Weald

Zoe Cunningham

The Perception and Treatment of Custom in the Laws of Late Medieval Europe

Lydia Fisher

Visualising Faith: Stained Glass Windows, Belief and the Parish in the English Church 1400-1600

Gearoid Fitzgerald

A Unique Vision? How was Gregory the Great’s vision of authority and leadership novel?

Tamsin Inglis

Monastic Wellbeing and Healthcare in Thirteenth- and Fourteenth-Century England: Analysis of Patients, Spaces Used and Care Available

Samuel Gillis Hogan

Fairy Conjuring in Medieval and Early Modern England

Crystal Hollis

Medieval Graffiti

Carole Lomas

Reconstructing the Development of the Early Medieval Church with Somerset as a Case Study

Jesse Lynch

The Coming of Paper: The Transformative Effect of Paper Diffusion in Medieval England

Andrew Margetts

The Wandering Herd: The Medieval Cattle Economy of the South-East, c.450-1450

Eleanor March

Tewkesbury Abbey: An Interdisciplinary Study of the Church and its Material Culture from its Medieval Origins

Henry Marsh

Narratives of Crisis, a Divided Elite: The English Chronicles from 1377-1422

Edward Mills

Imagining and Enacting Education in the French of Medieval England

Alison Norton

Castles: A Local History - GIS-analysis of Castle and Landscape Relations, Lordly Identities, and Settlement Nucleation in the East Midlands

Eddie Proctor

Topographical Legacies of Monasticism: Evolving Perceptions and Realities of Monastic Landscapes in the Southern Welsh Marches

Lenneke van Raaij

Searching for the Local Past in the Liturgy of Ottonian and early Salian Trier (900-1050)

Rachel Slover

English Benedictine Women and the Henrician Reforms: Representing the Female Religious' Voice in a Period of Religious Change, 1450-1540

Hannah Snipe

The Geographies of Arthurian Romance

Harriet Tait

Lordship and Religion in Late-Medieval South-East England

Jessica Vining

The Cistercians at Buckland Abbey

Camille Vo Van Qui

The breaking in and training of horses in medieval Western Europe (11th- 15th centuries)

Nikki Vousden

Churches in the Landscape: The Cultural, Historical and Social Impact of Early Christianity in South-west Britain

Philip Wallinder

A Re-edited Version of John Trevisa's Middle English Translation of the Latin Gospel of Nicodemus

Hannah West

Communities of Piety: Religious Houses and the Parish in Late Medieval Bridgwater

Paul Williams

The Trading Community of Exeter, 1470-1570