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History of Economy Research Blog (HERB) discussion series 2022-23 on the theme of 'wealth and property'

Welcome to the new term and new year. HERB this year is a little different, it will now be organised by Laura Burnett, Polly Lowe, and Nick Collins. We have decided to condense things a little bit, so we will aim to have four discussions per term, concentrated in the middle of term when people have the most time for this sort of thing. We will be keeping the format broadly the same, although we would like to open things up to two new types of contribution:

1. Any work that people want feedback on but aren't ready to put out in public could be discussed in the group and then not uploaded to the blog afterwards
2. Depending on the number of contributors we have to the blog, we may run some of the sessions as discussions of recently published research in economic and social history that we haven't many opportunities to discuss with colleagues yet

That means we are now issuing a call for papers! We are looking for blogs in the same format as before on the new theme of wealth and property. If anyone wants to volunteer to chair a discussion, also please get in touch. 

Thursday 17th November 4:30-5:30 - Not to be published yet

Blog - Li Jiang

Discussant - Polly Lowe

Chair - James Fisher


Tuesday 29th November 4:30-5:30

Blog - Charles Waddicor - A Somerset letter

Discussant - Nick Collins

Chair - Hannah Robb


We are being a little bit more flexible with the format this time - we're looking for something around 1000-2000 words and relevant to the theme, but otherwise we don't have any particular requirements.

After the discussion the blog is edited by its author and then sent to Vivienne at to be uploaded here.

Any questions please get in touch, the blog group is administered by Vivienne Bates If you would like to present a blog, please contact her with a title.

If you would like to be added to the group mailing list in order to take part in the discussions please email and Vivienne will send you a link.