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Photo of Dr Martyn Cutmore

Dr Martyn Cutmore

Honorary Research Fellow

I am interested in Early Modern English puritans and how emotions history can help us to unravel some of the convolutions of 17th C politico-religious identities. In particular I am exploring the role of affect as articulated in public discourse and the dynamics of emotion in shaping the interface between individual and collective identity, developing concepts from the field of emotions history and applying them to 17th C puritan studies.

Research interests

My recently completed PhD, supervised by Professor Mark Knights at Warwick, is entitled 'Puritan Affective Culture: Emotional Identies and the Publications of Samuel Clarke 1599-1682'.

Puritan affective culture: emotional identities and the publications of Samuel Clarke (1599-1682)

I have explored the affective content, construction and impact of this orthodox Presbyterian's well known martyrologies and saintly lives, arguing that these texts were a formative part of an affective culture whose precincts and dimensions can be described in terms of emotional commuity and emotional regime. I argue that emotion was central to the development of the conflicting and competing politico-religious identities that characterised the middle part of the 17th C.

I like to think that I'm helping to develop a toolkit for the practical application of emotions history in an already well established field of historical studies, shedding further light. I'd be happy to make contact with any other scholar who feels this might be a worthwhile endeavour.

Conference Research Papers:

  • Corruption and Puritan Emotion: Samuel Clarke and The Marrow of Divinity, 1659. Presented at 'Corruption, Deviation, Degradation, and Malfeasance in Early Modern England', Early Modern Research Group, University of Worcester, 28 April 2017.
  • The Odious Name of Presbyterian: 1661 - Rhetoric and the Emotional Community. Presented at History Postgraduate Conference, University of Warwick, 1-2 June 2017.
  • Twixt Joy and Sorrow' - The Prescription and Expression of Godly Grief: Samuel and Katherine Clarke. Presented at 'Religion and the Life Cycle', Queen Mary University of London, 6th July 2018


I have retired from a long career teaching history in state comprehensive schools.

Whilst teaching in the Midlands I took a part-time Masters degree under Professor Jack Scarisbrick at the University of Warwick (1989-90). I returned to Warwick more recently to do my PhD .

I have now returned to live in Sidmouth, the town in which I started my teaching career over forty years ago.