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Marilyn Mannino

Postgraduate Research

Marilyn Mannino did a BA in English Literature and Language at the University of Exeter, an MA in Medieval Literature and Language at the University of York, an MA in English Literature with a focus on teaching pedagogy at Western Michigan University, and is currently working on a PhD at Exeter. She has taught in Michigan and is currently teaching at Exeter, in Michigan having taught first year writing, a course on medieval literature and medievalism with a focus on adaptations, a YA fantasy course, and a survey course of English literature. She is currently teaching first year writing in the history department while in the second year of her PhD.

Research interests

Currently working on PhD: "The Once and Future Traitor: Mordred from the Medieval to the Modern"

Research interests include villains in Old French and Middle English Arthuriana, queerness and gender, the Holy Grail, tropes assocaited with chivalric characters, and medievalism with a particular focus on knights in video games

Modules taught

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