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Martin Newman

Postgraduate Research

I am a (very) mature part-time PhD candidate in the Department of Archaeology & History whose main interest is modern British politics, more specifically policymaking and the execution of policy. My research subject is Air Pain? Politicians and the British civil aerospace and airline industries 1964-1979, which examines the working relationship between the three parties and is supervised by Professor Richard Toye and Dr. Gemma Clark.

I graduated in 1979 from the University of London with a degree in History, then spent nearly 40 years working in finance, initially in London before moving to Devon. I completed a part-time MA History at the University of Exeter under the supervision of Dr. Gemma Clark, for which I received a Distinction. My dissertation examined the 1974-79 Labour Government's education and fair employment policies in Northern Ireland. Part of this has been published in Irish Political Studies vol.38 issue 2 (2023): Going local, heading nowhere: the 1974-79 Labour Government's attempt to introduce comprehensive schooling in Northern Ireland.

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